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ProMeris for Dogs - 11 - 22 lbs - 3 tubes

ProMeris for Dogs - 11 - 22 lbs - 3 tubes
Part# 407
Type Flea & Tick
Brand ProMeris
Pack Size 3 tubes
Pet For Dogs
Pet Weight 11 - 22 lbs
Expires 2014-Oct-1
User Rating  [Rate It!]
5 out of 5
(8 times)  [View Details!]

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ProMeris® is a topical, waterproof spot-on medication for the control of existing flea and tick infestations, as well as the prevention of re-infestation, in dogs and cats 8 weeks and older. ProMeris is the perfect flea and tick solution for your dog or cat.


The recommended minimum dose for dogs is 20 mg/kg bodyweight for each of metaflumizone and amitraz, equivalent to 0.133 ml/kg bodyweight.

Color Pets Weight (lb) Weight (kg) metaflumizone
(w/ amitraz)
Blue Small Cats under 9lbs under 4.5kg 0.8ml
Blue Large Cats over 9lbs over 4.5kg 1.6ml
Orange XS Dogs 0 - 11lbs 0 - 5kg 0.67ml
Orange Small Dogs 11 - 22lbs 5.1 - 10kg 1.33ml
Orange Medium Dogs 22 - 55lbs 10.1 - 25kg 3.33ml
Orange Large Dogs 55 - 88lbs 25.1 - 40kg 5.33ml
Orange XL Dogs 88 - 110lbs 40.1 - 50kg 6.66ml

For: Dogs & Cats (8 weeks of age and older) 

Once a month treatment
Easy to apply
Product is waterproof

How it works

ProMeris contains the active flea control ingredient, metaflumizone. This compound features an exclusive mode of action that attacks the flea?s nervous system by blocking neuronal sodium channels, which results in paralysis and death. In addition to metaflumizone, ProMeris contains amitraz, well recognized to provide broad-spectrum control of ticks.


Side effects may occur if product is licked after application. When used between the shoulder blades, as directed, licking isn?t an issue. Amitraz is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). Do not use any other MAOI products such as Preventic Collar, Mitaban Dip, Anipryl, or Selegiline while using ProMeris for Dogs or Cats.

5 - by Margie on 2011-Nov-20
Worked for demodex mange!!!!! - I tried many products to get rid of our boston's mange...which was terrible. The vet wanted $200.00 per dip to get rid of it and that was a big maybe. We used Promeris on her and within days she had stopped itching and within a few weeks the sores were completely gone and the hair was growing back. I have read via the internet that they have taken this product off the market. I pray they change their mind.
5 - by Robert H. Brockman, USA on 2011-Aug-23
Pro Meris - Received the pro meris before the dates they said. It is ashame that went they make some things that work, they have to pull it off the market. WHY?
5 - by Camper, Central California, USA on 2011-Aug-8
Demodex Mange - My dog has Demodex Mange and this is the only flea/tic meds that work for him. I did do my research but the pros outweigh cons. My poor pooch was just itching to death and had bald spots, since he has been on this, his bald spots are now gone and the itching has gone down dramatically. He looks and acts like a totally different dog. The down side is that it does smell horrible, but we just keep the dog outside all day long. He does get lathargic for the first day or two, we make sure that we put the meds on him when we know we will be home all day just to be sure that he is ok. So far so good, but I only recommend this if your pooch has this type of mange other than that I would go with Frontline +.
5 - by deborah anne smith, sumrall, mississippi United States on 2011-Jun-29
Works Great! Best price on this product! - This product was recommended for my dog by my vet for a skin condition. It is for flea and tick protection. It worked GREAT and resolved skin and hair loss problems too! The price was the best I found online!!
5 - by Peridot on 2011-Jun-20
The BOMB! - I live in Florida where the flea cycle never ends-always had problems with fleas-Promeris is THE BOMB! I have a miniature pincher and he seems to be ok-nothing works like this stuff....
5 - by Nowhere2Hyde on 2011-Mar-8
Very good dog product - This has been a great product for our Manchester Terrier who skin allergies. She does not have any adverse reactions to the topical application and the smell reminds me of clove. We had been told the smell was terrible and overpowering, but that really has not been the case with our little girl. Personally, I find it to actually be more pleasant than most of the chemical smells that come from other topical flea products. Also, she doesn't seem to mind it a bit. But, it is more oily feeling and takes longer to absorb than other flea products do after you apply them. We will continue to use it on our girl.
5 - by L. R. Landi, California on 2010-Nov-7
more effective than Frontline or Advantix - We've been waging war on fleas for the past several months. I've spent considerable time and money trying to beat the odds and keep my four dogs from being eaten alive. Tried Frontline PLUS twice, and both times I saw fleas reinfest within a week. Advantix seemed ineffective altogether, as I never did see an absence of the fleas upon inspection. I tried ProMeris cautiously after seeing some "scary" reviews online. I administered the correct dosages to all four of my dogs (large pit bull, lab/beagle mix, havanese and a pekingese) and monitored all of them. Within 4 hours, I noted far less scratching/biting, was unable to locate any living fleas upon inspection, and did not note ANY lethargy, vomiting or other adverse reactions from any of the four dogs. So far, ProMeris appears to be more effective the Frontline, and faster acting. The longevity of the repellant remains to be seen; but I will update with that information. I'm inclined to believe certain breeds may be sensitive to ProMeris (as with any of the others) and user error likely results in the animal ingesting the product through self-grooming.
5 - by Tide Fan, Camp Springs, MD, US on 2010-Jan-23
Happy with Promeris for dogs - This item is great for my dog. It has helped her demodex that was passed down from her mother at birth; cleared right up while protecting her from fleas and ticks.

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